I found this month’s Fashionista in the midst of midterms in the fashion building. She was put together even in the middle of a deadline, rocking some fierce lipstick and a fun attitude. Crazy colored lipsticks have been all the rage this past year and this funky Fashionista is an obvious fan. She shows how a fun lipstick is all you need to elevate your everyday makeup. Rocking unusual colors can seem intimidating to some, but this Fashionista demonstrates how a mostly black outfit can be amped up by simply slicking on a fun color.

This edgy Fashionista is a layering queen, she’s wearing a shirt, sweater, top and vest to complete her cold weather ready look. Layering is a key part of refining your personal style–it’s the best way to expand your wardrobe without spending an extra cent. This Fashionista went about layering by starting with the lightest weight fabrics and building up as she went. She streamlined what could have become a bulky look by keeping the outfit all black with a small pop of color on the blouse. Her blouse has a fun floral print on the cuffs and collar, which helps bring the eyes up to her face. This chic Fashionista then layered a leather top and a simple black vest over it for a modern look with lots of varied texture. For the lower half of her look she’s wearing a pleated knee length leather skirt, and comfy flatform (flat platform) sandals. The overall look is edgy, cool and comfy enough for all-nighters in the fashion building.

If you want to really turn up the volume on your outfit, you can match your lipstick to your clothes for a fun colorful effect. However, the most important part about rocking a colorful lip doesn’t lie in your outfit, but in your confidence and rock-star attitude. So strike a power pose and wear a crazy violet, emerald or sapphire lip.

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