10 French Beauty Brands to Shop For The Ultimate European Summer

While French-born fashion and makeup trends may be hot-hot-hot on the internet today, there is no questioning their significance in the history of beauty. If anyone understands beauty, it’s the women of France. While Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve will always remain as the blueprint for iconic French makeup, Parisian women of 2022 are forging their own path in the beauty world. From Jeanne Damas, founder of Rouje Paris and Lea Seydoux, leading lady of Daniel Craig’s James Bond films, today’s standard of French beauty is all about individuality. From their perfectly pouty red lips to the most delicately smudged wings, French women both on and off screen know that when it comes to makeup, less is more.

And while some notions of beauty encourage us to exchange our natural complexion for layers of foundation, French beauty is all about highlighting your features, and letting your true self shine through.

Looking to channel a vacation along the French Riviera? Imagining a stroll along the Seine? The following French-born beauty brands are simply parfaite.

01. Les Filles en Rouje

A beauty offshoot of designer clothing brand Rouje Paris founded by Jeanne Demas, Les Filles en Rouje serves those looking for perfectly rosy cheeks and kissably red lips.

Photo Via Rouje Paris

La Palette Visage

This product combines shimmering highlighter and pigmented blush for the perfect all-in-one palette. $66.

Photo Via Rouje Paris


This silky smooth liner in brilliant gold packaging is the perfect addition to any classic cosmetic collection. $25.

Photo Via Rouje Paris

Lip Palette les 4 Rouje Powder

This rosy red palette of powder lipstick is the perfect product to stick on your purse while on-the-go. $50

Photo Via Rouje Paris

Le Rouje Caroline

Available in a wide range of pretty shades, the Caroline has a creamy application and a matte finish. $38.

02. Sisley Paris

Equally playful and practical, the brilliant zebra print packing of Sisley Paris products allow it to stand out in the multiverse of French beauty brands. 

Photo Via Sisley Paris

Ombre Eclat Liquide Eyeshadow

Available in a wide array of warm shimmering shades such as Copper shown, these easy to use liquid eyeshadows are perfect for those looking for a little something fancy. $58.

Photo Via Sisley Paris

Phyto-Blush Twist

This pretty little product is the perfect way to easily bring color and glow to the skin. $76.

Photo Via Sisley Paris

Phyto-Teint Ultra Eclat

Available in over 15 shades, this soft skin tint is perfect for letting the skin breath in every season. $100.

Photo Via Sisley Paris

Phyto-Lip Twist

This creamy lipstick comes in 18 shades from shimmery Nude to True Red. $55.

03. By Terry

By Terry products promise to give you the ultimate glow. Ready to look as if you have just returned from a sun-soaked getaway? These Paris-born products are perfect for you.

Photo Via By Terry

Brightening CC Liquid Blush

This brightening blush infused with skincare comes in shades Sunny Glow and Rosy Flash. $33.

Photo Via By Terry

Hyaluronic Hydra-Foundation

With SPF 30, this vegan and moisture-enhancing product acts more as skincare than makeup. $53.

Photo Via By Terry

Brightening CC Palette

This palette in shade Sunny Flash allows the face to glow like the sun itself.

Photo Via By Terry

Terrybly Lash Growth Mascara

This growth-boosting mascara comes in black, blue, purple, and brown to complement all eye colors. $37.

04. Violette

Violette is akin to Glossier – but done in French fashion. From velvety matte lipsticks to perfume inspired by the warmth of true love, Violette is perfect for those looking to feel endlessly young.

Photo Via Violette

Petal Bouche Matte

Available in bold red and pink, this matte lipstick is meant to replicate the delicate poise of a flower petal. $25.

Photo Via Violette

Baume Shine

This universal highlighter melts into this skin like butter, allowing you to look truly illuminated. $25.

Photo Via Violette

Yeux Paint

This liquid eyeshadow available in a variety of both matte and shimmery shades helps the eyes truly pop. $28.

Photo Via Violette

Avec Amour Perfume

This sweet scent is perfect for everyone who wants to smell equally heavenly and down-to-earth. $52

05. La Bouche Rouge

An ode to its breathtakingly red and customizable packaging, La Bouche Rouge, or “The Red Mouth” is a brand most fitting for those obsessed with the ideals of classic French beauty.

Photo Via La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge Lipstick

This beautifully packaged lipstick comes in over 20 shades, in addition to allowing you to create a highly-pigmented personal shade! $40.

Photo Via La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge Eyeshadow

Available in 5 shimmery colorways, this eyeshadow brings your eyes to center stage of any makeup look. $45.

Photo Via La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge Eyebrow Serum Gel

In addition to being enclosed in a stunning glass bottle, this eyebrow serum keeps your eyebrows visibly glossy and moisturized. $45.

Photo Via La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge Mascara Le Sérum Noir

This deep, dark, and dreamy mascara is made for a night out on the town. $45.

06. Yves Rocher

At Yves Rocher, affordability does not come in exchange for quality. With a wide range of glossy lip balms and shimmery cry-proof eyeshadow sticks, Yves Rocher ensures both quality and accessibility for its French-loving customers.

Photo Via Yves Roucher

Lip Contour – Rouge Elixir

Available in over 8 brilliant colors, this product acts as the perfect lip liner as well as providing full coverage when necessary. $15.

Photo Via Yves Rocher

Lifeproof Eyeshadow

This highly pigmented eyeshadow available in 9 colors comes in a stick form for easy on-the-go application. $24.

Photo Via Yves Rocher

Fixing & Blurring Loose Powder

This loose powder from Yves Rocher allows the skin to break with setting makeup in its place. $35.

Photo Via Yves Rocher

Rouge Vertige Liquid Balm

Available in over 10 twinkling tones, this glossy balm is perfect for taking your lips from day to night. $18.

07. T. LeClerc

Famous for its line of 12 loose face powders best known for perfecting the skin, T. LeClerc combines delicate silver packaging with products worthy of every face.

Photo Via T. LeClerc

Complexion Light

Available in two dream-worthy shades, this primer allows makeup to shine all day long. $36.

Photo Via T. LeClerc

Satin-Finish Lipstick

This smooth and simple lipstick comes in a total of 20 magnificent shades. $26.

Photo Via T. LeClerc

Shaker Loose Powder

This loose powder with an easy-to-use shaker bottle comes in 11 luxurious shades. $16.

Photo Via T. LeClerc

Sparkling Summer Oil

This fragrance mist infused with over 5 vegetable oils allows you to appear illuminated with rays of the sun. $21.

08. 1944 Paris

1944 Beauty, named after the day in which women earned the right to vote in France, uses its products to enforce a new understanding and interpretation of classic French beauty.

Photo Via 1944 Beauty

Le Halo 1944 – Stick Foundation

With a silky matte finish and SPF 50, this stick foundation works wonders for the skin. $33.

Photo Via 1944 Beauty

1944 Lip and Cheek Color

This dreamy product comes in over 10 glossy and matte shades for any and all skin tones. $19.

Photo Via 1944 Beauty

1944 Semi Matte Lipstick

Available in 9 creamy and comfortable shades, this lipstick cares for the lips while bringing out their natural beauty. $22.

Photo Via 1944 Beauty

1944 Eyeshadow Reflection

This creamy and dreamy pot of shimmery eyeshadow is the perfect way to make every lid pop. $28.

09. Dior Paris

This classic French beauty brand requires little to no introduction. Famous for its rich red lipstick in shade Dior 999 (a personal favorite), Dior products can do no wrong in the world of classic beauty.

Photo Via Dior

Dior Forever Skin Glow

Providing 24 hours of radiant coverage, this foundation allows skin to shine through. $52.

Photo Via Dior

Dior Addict Lip Glow

Available in over 10 stunning shades, this lip balm enhances the natural essence of your lips. $35.

Photo Via Dior

Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette

A universally adored essential, this face palette adds a delicate shimmer to the skin. $45.

Photo Via Dior

Rouge Dior

Available in 4 finishes and over 50 iconic shades, this lipstick serves as a staple for all beauty lovers. $42.

10. Chanel

Equally as classic and incomparable, Chanel beauty products act as the standard for truly magical beauty products. From perfectly pigmented lipsticks to warmth-enhancing bronzers, Chanel is a master in the French beauty game.

Photo Via Chanel

Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream

Available in three warm tones, this iconic creamy bronzer is suitable for any and all skin types. $50.

Photo Via Chanel

Hydrating Vibrant Shine Lip Colour

This glossy balm comes in over 30 shades and never fails to leave lips silky smooth and radiant. $42.

Photo Via Chanel

Blurring Effect Velvet Matte Finish Foundation – SPF 15

This longwear foundation is not only meant to protect the skin, but boosts its natural glow and radiance. $50.

Photo Via Chanel

Chanel Lash Primer

This creamy formula can be applied under your mascara for added volume and a boost of nourishment to your lashes. $32.

From Left to Right: Feature Images via Yves Rocher, La Bouche Rouge, Rouje Paris, Rouje Paris, and Sisley Paris