The temperatures have dropped, and it’s time to bundle up for walks to class, going out on the town or even running a quick errand. For this month, we’re taking a look at winter fashion, specifically, how to keep warm while remaining fashionable because…duh.

First things first, layering is your friend. Layering is one of my favorite things about winter, and it’s a simple way to keep wearing your clothes from summer and fall, right into the winter months. I spotted this Fashionisto and was immediately drawn to his simplistic style. Under his large grey jacket, he layered with a plain white sweatshirt that adds a pop to the look.¬†Despite the rule of when to wear white, he effortlessly pulls it off. The great thing about sweatshirts is that you don’t necessarily have to zip up your coat, you can show it off without feeling the draft.

This Fashionisto then paired these items with a pair or subtly ripped black jeans and a pair of suede adidas. I have been absolutely obsessed with the suede and velvet trends so, of course, these shoes are a must have for this outfit. Then for added warmth, this Fashionisto has on the North Face ear warmers in white to match the sweatshirt mentioned before. Finally, as pictured, he accessorized the look with a gold watch featuring crystal accents around the face for some added masculinity.

Winter can be more or less brutal depending on where you live, but there are a multitude of solutions to keep warm and make it through the long winter ahead. Remember, to grab an extra layer even under your winter jacket to maximize warmth. It’s always better to be too warm and take layers off than to be cold.

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