When the cold hits, it feels like students turn to sweatpants and hoodies. The entire campus seems to dress the same. If you decided to wear anything other than sweats, people seem to think you are too dressed up. But forget what everyone thinks. There is no need to follow the crowd.

Even if it’s just a walk around campus, you need to dress in what makes you look and feel good. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. This week’s Fashionista was a great example for some style advice. I caught this Fashionista taking a stroll around campus. Even though it was cold and gloomy (which is sweatpants weather at LSU), this Fashionista made sure she looked stylish.

This Fashionista went for a walk without having to wear sneakers. She wore a nice pair of boots that are just as comfortable. A pair of jeans can be a perfect replacement to a pair of sweatpants. It’s a comfortable substitute that gives the impression that you made a little extra effort that morning. Her coat gave this whole outfit a dressed up feel. Between all of these neutral colors, this Fashionista had a nice pop of color with her long sleeve shirt. The ombré shirt made this outfit a bright daytime look. This week’s Fashionista kept it simple by adding simple jewelry like rings and a small necklace. If you want a look that you stand out and you feel comfortable in, take some ideas from this Fashionista who did it perfectly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “No matter what is going on or what everyone else is doing, go big or go home.”