October 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall calls for a change of leaves, a change of weather and change of fashion. It is just about that time of the year to bring out your favorite boots, sweaters, scarves and hats because it sure is starting to get nippy in State College! Fall fashion is so unique and unlike any other, so rock your favorite fall looks while you can!

Fall and flannels go hand in hand! What would fall fashion be without flannels? The world may never know. This Fashionista is rocking her favorite black and white flannel for a beautiful fall day on campus. Her look is comfortable and chic, a perfect combination for a long day of classes, meetings and so much more. Under her flannel she pairs a black strappy bralette to add some flare; this piece has been clutch these past few seasons. Not only do they complement all low cut shirts, but they are the perfect way to simply add some more detail to your look. Her lululemon leggings are the perfect transition piece to add to her look. This Fashionista has the ability to quickly change her top and shoes, and be ready for a workout!

The basic black and white in her flannel gives her the ability to obsessively accessorize! Her stacked bracelets are a trendy and perfect way to put some personality into her look. In addition, her monogram necklace adds some personalized fun to her look as well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fall and flannels are a perfect pair. The comfort is a huge bonus and, even with that, they still make you feel good about your look without much effort. My flannels are my favorite fall pieces and you can never have enough!”