STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Effortless Fashion

The new semester just began. It may remind you of rushing around with granola bars, blanking between crazy schedules, taking endless notes that you may never look at again and replacing showers with easy-spray dry shampoos. Yep, you may recall every detail from what you possibly think school is, but no fashion at all. If you want to make changes as this Fashionisto does, check this daily school outfit which looks effortless, but will definitely bring out a refreshing fashion set for the new semester.

The main idea of this Fashionisto’s ensembles is to wear what he usually wears for school so that it’s easy to restyle this whole outfit for fashionable daily wear. This Fashionisto likes the combinations of sweatshirts and joggers. Therefore, finding the signature sweatshirt and matching it with a pair of go-to jogger should be basically the whole story.  In this case, when we are styling a seemingly effortless, but chic outfit you need to find a simple, yet unique, sweatshirt. It could be a surprising color, an eye-catching print or a high-tech material that offers and abstract texture. If you like the dreamy effect of transition, this sweatshirt form Zara is perfect for you. For the bottom, If you are in a hurry, the safest choice is a pair of black slim cut joggers. It will absolutely solve your style problems in a second! Also, once you find your favorite, it could easily be matched with almost all other sporty styles. For shoes here comes my favorite solution—a pair of pure white sneakers. This Fashionisto is featuring a pair from Acne. Stan Smith from adidas is also very popular.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fashion can be effortlessly created from your daily wardrobe. If I want to make a daily outfit stand out for each piece, I would look for a simple, but different effect. I’m simply saying easy to go to school and by different, I’m indicating the details like the texture, the color or the print that makes your fashion statement.”