STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Distressed Or De-Stressed?

This is the time of the semester when we all need to buckle down. The workload is at its max and so are our stress levels. But when studying becomes our first priority, other things might end up taking a back seat. Whether it be our social lives or style, it’s okay! Your friends are probably going through the same thing you are, and style can be shown in small ways that don’t require an hour in the morning to get ready. I’m not saying the hobo look is in, but rocking the jeans and T-shirt college uniform is nothing to be ashamed of!

This Fashionista knows how to be comfy and cute. She reps a Central Michigan University shirt with a light spring jacket. By resisting the ever so loved leggings and yoga pants, this student gets a huge thumbs up. Her denim pulls the look together and the distressed detail allows her to stand out with no effort at all. The rips add texture and compliment the laid back vibe of her mid-semester style. To complete her comfy and casual outfit, our Fashionista rocks some tan Toms and carries my favorite accessory: a cup of coffee.

So de-stress by keeping your style simple. Small details can make a world of difference and allow you to to focus on your studying! Try rocking the updated college uniform by using this Fashionista as inspiration. Distressed jeans are key, while a pair of cute slip on shoes and a college T-shirt will complete your studious style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s all about comfort for me. If I don’t feel comfortable in what I’m wearing than I can’t focus on anything else.”