Have you ever wondered if you could rock denim on denim, but were held back because you weren’t sure if it’s in right now?  Well, do I have good news for you, it totally is. Now I won’t lie, when I first heard denim on denim was making a come back, my mind went straight to Britney Spears’ and Justin Timberlake’s fashion faux pas back in the ’90s (yikes), but this time, the revived trend of denim on denim is one you definitely want to partake in.

While the thought of wearing denim on denim may sound like an absurd concept to any given person, any Fashionista/o knows that there are so many ways to make this trend look totally rad. Personally, when I sport the occasional denim on denim, I like to mix different shades of denim typically with darker denim on the bottom. You can always spice up the look with statement jewelry, or in this Fashionisto’s case, a colored beanie. Around campus, layering multiple tops along with a denim jacket or button-up has been a pretty prominent look, and one that I have come to love.

So, do you think you can rock the denim on denim like this Fashionisto?  If you’re not a fan of layering shirts, you can always draw inspiration from an outfit like this and leave your denim button-up undone to reveal the base layer you have on. Adding your own personal touch to a look is always a must, and this Fashionisto does so perfectly by simply cuffing his denim to reveal the contrast between his Converse and his socks. Whether you consider yourself preppy or edgy, this comeback trend is perfect for all styles seeing you can spice up the look any way you choose.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be a rainbow, they’re always majestic.”