Denim. We all love it and for good reason. It’s versatile, comfortable and transcends time to be always on trend. Though the fabric is always in our closets, it is particularly popular for spring 2015, not just for Fashionistas but also for Fashionistos, too. What’s more, the trend for menswear is ultimate denim on denim and extra washed makes it even better.

This Fashionisto’s ensemble displayed this springtime trend to perfection. His outfit is particularly reminiscent of a double denim look from the Dior Homme spring 2015 collection. Kris Van Assche was all about blue paired with neutrals or bright pops of color. This Fashionisto went with the former to tie his outfit together and present a cheery spring look.

While the menswear denim trend emphasizes the fabric in suiting styles, this Fashionisto kept it appropriately casual for class in a buttoned jacket. He embodied the trend in his light-washed double denim of jacket and worn-washed pants with a noticeable rolled cuff. While the denim is fantastic enough on its own, this Fashionisto takes his spring sartorial skills top notch with a cream cable knit sweater and matching Superga sneaks. Neutral is a great way to balance out the denim and make the ensemble daytime casual.

Denim on denim is somewhat of an ode to the ‘90s, but we’ve come a long way since Britney and Justin’s infamous 2001 ensemble. Sporting double the fabric can be and has been done in many different ways, all equally chic. This Fashionisto exemplifies the casual cool displayed in Dior Homme’s collection. He completes his outfit with a timeless watch and rad Ray-Ban sunnies for an ensemble that will have you wanting to live in a denim daze, too.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to try something out! I think you should be excited when opening your closet to get ready in the morning and [be] willing to try out a daring outfit. That’s what is fun about fashion—taking risks.”