Growing up, I was told there were definite rules that the fashionably inclined had to follow in order to be stylishly acceptable. Fortunately, today’s fashion scene is more open to seeing “fashion faux pas” as stylish expressions of an individual’s unique sense of self (thank God!). The rules that forbid wearing white after Labor Day, wearing black and brown together, wearing all-denim outfits and a plethora of other silly rules have been tossed out the window. In fact, the breaking of these rules has led to some of them to turn into major fashion trends today. Just ask Kanye West, who has been sighted wearing all denim outfits.

Now if you’re like me, the thought of wearing all-denim brings back terrible memories of oversized denim overalls that were worn as much by kids as they were by rap artists. What makes this trend stand out today, however, is its general popularity among celebrities and the way this material can be manipulated to complement itself. Take this Fashionisto for instance. He is wearing all-denim, but instead of it meshing all together to form a blob of material, the denim is of different washes and cuts. The jacket is acid-wash while the jeans are a darker wash. The dark and light contrast between the two in effect complements each other. By adding a dark T-shirt and some bold, black boots he is able to subtly break up the flow of denim.

Because of its popularity among celebrities and the versatile use of denim, this look isn’t exclusive to one style. Be it Gothic or bohemian, winter or summer, incorporating this look into your personal style will take it to a bolder level.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t be afraid to be bold. Look at Kanye West…he never feels the need to explain his fashion choices, and that has made him a fashion icon.”