I’m a firm believer that fashion is more than clothes and accessories and that styling is more than throwing an outfit together. Fashion is an art form. Just like a painting or sculpture, a well thought out ensemble can tell us a lot about an artist. Even though we are told to never judge a book by its cover, our clothing choices can really highlight parts of our character and personality.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is a classic take on men’s dapper wear. However, instead of blazer, this Fashionisto chose to wear a navy Ben Sherman overcoat, which gave the look a more casual vibe. Navy is a great alternative to black, and it is more wearable for the spring season.

Underneath, he layered a J.Crew burgundy crewneck over a crisp white button-down. His black trousers were the perfect length to show off his patent Jack Erwin loafers, which are slightly darker than his crewneck but didn’t clash with it at all. In fact, they make the outfit come together in a very cohesive manner. His accessories, which included sunglasses, a  MVMT watch and a floral pin, added subtle accents to complete the look.

This outfit makes the Fashionisto look like a true gentleman, and I can tell that he is a lover of men’s dapper wear and classic pieces. His accessory choices show that he is detail oriented and that every part of his outfit was well thought out. Overall, his outfit gave him an air of sophistication and class.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Authentically be yourself by maximizing every form of inspiration around you. Celebrating yourself is also important because this way, other people are inspired to love themselves in every form. Also, paying attention to and cherishing all of the ventures you’re exposed to in life is important. Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to be able to do the things we do. We should never take that for granted.”