Everyone has his or her own sense of style, and this Fashionisto is no different. What you wear has the ability to display who you are as a person and the confidence you possess, as well. An outfit can be worth a thousand words, but add in your personality and it can be made to be worth a million. Wear the right outfit with the right attitude and you will be turning heads left and right.

This Fashionisto is dressed pretty casually. He is rocking a dip-dyed T-shirt in a bright blue color. This is what drew me to his outfit. The color brings a great contrast from the neutral parts of his outfit. The blue not only enhances his eyes but adds a pop of fun to the overall look. To finish off his outfit, he has on some tan cargo shorts and sandals, which are perfect for any warm spring day.

Next time you are picking out an outfit try to stick with neutrals, adding a splotch of color in somewhere, be that in a pair of shoes or a shirt. The color you choose could also complement skin, hair or eye color like this Fashionisto did, but don’t be held to that. Wear any color that makes you feel strong and poised. This Fashionisto was nothing but confident. An outfit can make or break you, but you must be yourself to go along with the incredible style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ‘”You wake up, flawless,’—Beyoncé”