We are welcoming the warmer weather with open arms here at Sacred Heart University. Campus life has changed drastically ever since the sun’s rays stuck around for good. You can spot all sorts of activities taking place outside from frisbee games to tanning time. Now that students are staying outdoors for longer than the few split seconds it takes to dash from the parking lot to the library, outfits have proven to adapt to the atmosphere.

This Fashionsta is the perfect example of how to dress casually cool for campus fun. Her distressed denim jeans paired with her TOMS shoes provide just the right amount of comfort for a day spent around campus. Whether walking the quad or soaking up the sun, she’s ready to do it in style. Plus, her crop top and oversized floral cardigan flow elegantly in the breeze and effortlessly into her chic look. But don’t forget to “rad” her finishing touches like her aviator sunglasses, Lilly Pulitzer sunglass strap and Tori Burch studs. It’s statement pieces like these that add value to an everyday outfit.

How To: Want to dress comfortable and cute, but not sure how to achieve the look you desire? It’s easy as 1,2,3. First, throw on your favorite high-waisted jeans. Second, pair them with an oversized T-shirt that bares a little skin. It’s okay ladies; your pants were made to accommodate this look. Third, layer a bold cardigan over your top to let your style speak out loud. Colors and prints work well here. Now you’re ready to strut your stuff and feel confident doing it.