December 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

So, considering that I am forever single, it really tickles my fancy when I see a boy with ultra good style. Lo and behold, my sister has a boyfriend with literally perfect “rebellious art boy” style and I’m honestly really jealous. Their relationship and his image together inspired me. I figured I would do a post, an ode so to say, dedicated to all the gentlemen out there. The theme of this month’s post is style advice of the week, so, boys, here are my tips.

I am really into fashion and clothes in general, and that’s why I am writing now—to get my message across. I might be a little bit biased but, guys, if I had one thing to suggest it would be play dress up. I know it’s college and we all want to be comfy-cozy, but girls are watching…dun dun dun. So, ditch your calf-length gym shorts and Jordan slides and throw on some structured clothing.

Second piece of advice your girl has for you: go out your comfort zone. No one ever got anywhere by playing it safe, by taking no risks. So live life on the edge, and be a little bit edgy. I have found that harnessing my daring side is rather satisfying. This Fashionisto is a prime example of this motive. Donning a vintage-inspired Levi’s Sherpa-lined jean jacket, he gives off a mid-’70s rock star aura. You can just picture him sitting on his bedroom floor strumming his guitar and listening to vinyl all night long. The look is complemented and brought to the present day via the presence of the classic checkered Vans. His bravery to be offbeat strikes the right chord with this look.

Boys, be not afraid. Try something new. Dress like everyone is watching.