STYLE ADVICE: Neutral Spring

The climate will always play a factor in what we wear on a day to day basis. The clouds seem to have taken over the sunshine, hence why this Fashionisto went for the neutral tones in his outfit. Usually as college students, we tend to go grab our sweats and hoodies and head out to class. Since the semester is coming to an end, and you’re probably too busy focusing on finals or graduation, simply grab the most casual go-to items and head out.

This Fashionisto kept it simple and easy. Without much effort, he chose a graphic T-shirt from a local shop. He then paired it with light gray denim which has just enough distressed details for spring. This Fashionisto was even brave enough to wear white sneakers to match his T-shirt. However, if you don’t want to risk wearing white sneakers, I do advise picking another color such as gray or black. To add the finishing touches to his outfit, this Fashionisto wore his lightweight black bomber jacket and light brown beanie. He made sure to keep all his items in the same neutral tone family without wearing too much black or white. It balanced out evenly and perfectly.

You never know what’s to come in the Northeast between the gloomy skies and windy weather. So it’s a must that you stay prepared all while staying true to your style. This Fashionisto’s outfit took no longer than 10 minutes to get ready; next time instead of grabbing your sweats, go for your denim. Even casually dressing will put you in a positive mood to finish the semester off strong.