In elementary school, I remember layering camis over T-shirts and long sleeve tops. Although the trend quickly faded, I’m excited to see its return in a new, more grown-up way. Lace bralettes paired over basic T-shirts are an easy way to dress up an otherwise simple top. This season, you’ve probably seen this trend lined up in several college fashion stores like Urban Outfitters and Zara. It’s a great way to rock a bralette without being too revealing.

Although the layered look can also be can be transitioned from day to night by swapping jeans for a skirt, I prefer to add some edge with a pair of distressed skinny jeans. I like to mix and match styles: a girly top paired with destroyed denim helps create a balanced look.

This outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories: a choker and a statement belt. This belt is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It’s interesting and unique without overpowering the outfit. Because of its size, the belt can be worn through belt loops or with a skirt or dress, making it one of the most worn items I own. It gives an edge to an otherwise boring outfit.

The tones of this outfit are the two colors I wear the most: black and white. Although these colors will match basically anything, I prefer to wear them together. Especially with this outfit, the black bralette layered over the white crop top really makes the lace pop and allows you to see the intricate details. As always, black and white isn’t going anywhere. You can wear it all summer long too!

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