Style is a way of expressing who you are through fashion. It is a way of doing something that makes you as an individual stand out. Some people express themselves through painting, drawing, or writing. Then there are others, who express themselves through the clothes and accessories that they wear.

Fashion isn’t just about wearing your fur coat and a nice pair of heels, it is about trends that change from decade to decade and then reappear again. This generation focuses on comfort, comfort, comfort. The saying, “beauty is pain,” is not relevant anymore.

If you are looking for an outfit to go to class in or to hit up the mall, then check this outfit out. This Fashionista is rocking a long burnt-orange bomber jacket with a basic white T-shirt and light wash denim jeans. She is wearing her trendy Adidas Superstar sneakers, which are a very popular choice among young men and women right now. These sneakers are nothing new, but they have made a comeback.

She is accessorizing with aviator sunglasses, a simple black thin choker, and a purse. The sunglasses are a great accessory, especially on a basic day. When the sun goes down or you are out of the sun, you can put the sunglasses on your head or hang them on your shirt. The little handbag is a great way to throw your outfit all together. It is a good eye catcher, whether it be a clutch, oversize purse, or even a backpack.

As long as you are loving what you are wearing and you feel that it is an expression of who you are, then do it. As Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”