STYLE ADVICE: Keep It Casual, but Edgy

If you are from Florida you probably know a thing or two about experiencing all four seasons in the span of one day. You could wake to a bone chilling 40 degrees and by the time you leave class your dripping sweat from the blaring sun. Learning how to dress for this fickle weather did not come easily. When choosing what to wear in the morning I usually opt for a light jacket that will keep me warm enough and something light underneath.

This Fashionista is wearing the perfect look to combat the the roller coaster that is a day in Florida. The look is casual and comfortable, but still incorporates her bold style. Her distressed T-shirt dress with floral embroidery gives an edgy twist to a simple look. The length and lightweight material will keep her feeling and looking cool when the sun starts to shine. Denim jackets have been a favorite recent trend of mine. Her oversize denim jacket pairs perfectly with her T-shirt dress, and will keep her warm when the temperature dips. There are many ways to wear the denim jacket without having to worry about overheating—try tying it around your waist or draping around your shoulders. Her lace-up booties make the look fun and put together all at the same time.

I am a firm believer that makeup and hair can make or break an outfit. This Fashionista does it right by by going with a simple, straight hairstyle and light, neutral makeup. These looks allow her natural beauty to shine while keeping the focus on her awesome outfit.

While dressing for the changeable weather may seem like an impossible feat, this look is the perfect example of how to stay comfortable without sacrificing style!