STYLE ADVICE: Graphic Tees? Yes Please!

STYLE ADVICE: Graphic Tees? Yes Please!

Street style has always been a major source of inspiration for my wardrobe. Whenever I’m stuck on what to pack, what to wear, what to bring to a new place or what to wear to a class—you’ll find me on Pinterest searching the street style inspiration photos. One trend that I have been seeing many times over lately, and been completely obsessed with, is a striking graphic T-shirt. Recently I’ve been in love with styles that are set on a solid background and given a vibrant design.

In this look, the T-shirt that I have chosen has a stunning design of a tiger’s head in the center. The V-neck cut of this T-shirt is quite flattering on the décolletage, and on virtually any body type. To give the look a bit of structure, I added a blazer over top, with a beautiful waterfall detail on the lapels. I love the contrast between casual and tailored in this look—the blazer added polish (and a bit of warmth which is always nice). I wanted to keep this look monochrome, yet also wanted to play off of the casual vibe of the graphic tee, so I opted for a pair of distressed black skinny jeans. I turned up the cuffs on the ankles to add another detail to the look, and this small style aspect actually makes your legs look lither as well. To cover my toes, I added a pair of black Chelsea boots—these boots gave this outfit a cohesive appearance, and tied together the casual and tailored bits quite well too. To top off the look, I added a pair of black sunnies and hit the streets in search of a great snack. Styling always works up quite the appetite!

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