Can you believe it? It’s finally May! Summer is right around the corner, but before we jump that far ahead, lets focus more on that warm, light weather we still got going on around the campus, right before finals.

I figured out, what better and more iconic way to show off your style around the campus, than an all-time classic, with a modern twist, ’90s vibes outfit. Since ’90s fashion is making a comeback, I think it’s the ideal time to start getting your groove going.

Denim is a huge must to complete this look, so scout your closets and find the raddest pairs of jeans you have. It can either be the skinny tube kind of jeans, or the timeless bell-bottoms. Having a few fun patches here and there or some worn out parts will make your outfit look even more authentic. Now for the top, a cute crop top with oversized, wavy bell-sleeves is the key. It adds confidence, and a very playful note. Pick a top preferably with floral kind of tones such as bright pink, green, red or even orange. Band tops are also acceptable with a knot in the center or on the side to make them look like crop tops.

I think it’s a very effortless look so the only accessories you will need are a nice, vintage looking pair of sunglasses and a small bag with nice details to keep it interesting. If you’re an earring type of person, you could also add a statement piece. Leather is my go to material because it’s always in fashion and never fails to give diversity. Other than that, let your hair loose, wear your spring perfumes and spread your positivity.