STYLE ADVICE: Dress to Impress

The temperatures have dropped, snow has fallen, and winter break is officially over. Darkness comes earlier and the days seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Spring semester has begun, and it only gets harder to get out of bed each morning. It seems much easier to just throw on a big, cozy sweatshirt and run to class before you get frostbite. But with the New Year here we should change that mindset and still do our best to look and feel good.

This Fashionista has the perfect look to go out and about as she paired her denim dress with a winter sweater. She is a great example of how you can transition a dress into a winter look. “I like layering my clothes in the winter and making it into a totally different look for each season,” she stated.

Cozy hats, scarves, and gloves are a must for walking around outdoors, and this Fashionista made sure to grab a very transitional pair that can work with almost any color. Her boots provide a cute winter vibe, while keeping her warm even when it snows. She grabbed a few necklaces to layer allowing her neckline to be in focus and add dimension on top of the white sweater. She is ready to go as she adds a pair of glasses and a colorful bag to brighten up the gray day.

You may not think that your appearance matters all the time, especially in your hometown, but you just never know when someone is going to notice. The boy next to you might give you a look, you may run into someone special, or you might just have a better day because you feel more confident! Try the new trend of layering a long sleeve shirt under a dress. It will create a whole new wardrobe for winter that you never knew you had. Be bold this winter and don’t let the cold pull you into hibernation. Stand out and start the New Year off looking and feeling your best!