STYLE ADVICE: Dress for Success

Most college students do not like to dress up for class. At least, most of the students that I see at the University of Florida don’t. The idea of dressing for success becomes somewhat lost in translation, especially for day-to-day activities.

As a Fashionista, I understand that the clothes you choose to wear are not just clothes. They become a part of your brand, and what you wear can definitely give off certain connotations. I am not saying that your clothes make you, but I will say that your outfit options do say a lot about you.

With that being said, there are some Fashionistas and Fashionistos that subscribe to the phrase “dress for success.” This lovely Fashionista is the perfect example. I spotted her in this look on a casual Tuesday afternoon during my stroll through Turlington Plaza.

She was wearing a denim peasant top with white pants to match. She paired those pieces with her favorite pair of tan gladiator sandals and her mala beads. Lastly, she tied the look together with a khaki trench coat, because it was a little chilly outside that day.

This Fashionista described to me the look she was going for with this outfit and her look in general. She said that she liked to call the look smart-casual—essentially, something comfortable enough to walk around campus with but still stylish enough to represent her image at the same time. She also mentioned that when going for this look, she likes to choose simple, chic pieces. She gravitates to a minimalist style and rarely wears any crazy patterns.

Dressing for success does not take much. The only thing you truly stand to lose, at the most, is not wearing your sweat pants and hoodie every day. What is comes down to is that it’s all about making a good impression before stepping out into the real world. A little smart casual never hurt anybody anyway.