January 27th, 2017 at 2:00am

During the time I spent over winter break visiting friends in Ecuador, I had the opportunity to absorb the lush mountain landscapes, try delicious new foods, and reconnect with dear friends—all while scoping out local fashion of course! People in Latin America take a great deal of pride in the way they dress and present themselves, and you can see this manifested everywhere you go—let’s just say that the college girls in Ecuador aren’t rolling up to class in sweatpants and Crocs. As you can imagine, singling out one Fashionisto to feature was not an easy task, but . This Fashionisto’s signature style consists of put-together looks featuring simple yet on-trend pieces, projecting an air of polished laid-backness. His chameleon style ethos allows him to go straight from his engineering classes to a gathering among friends without skipping a beat.

This Fashionisto’s look is ideal for a relaxed day out, perhaps for a picnic in one of Quito’s lush parks. Added bonus- the jacket on top will allow this look to hold up in Quito’s frequent weather changes from sunny and clear to cloudy and rainy. In this look, he is wearing dark wash Forever 21 jeans, a essential foundation garment for the rest of the look to build off of. He then donned an Aeropostale button-down shirt featuring a neutral color and pattern, and expertly layered it with a navy quilted jacket from Urban Outfitters. While speaking about his personal style, he says that it rests on the four main principles of simplicity, minimalism, comfort, and casuality.