STYLE ADVICE: Chic for the Weather

For some reason this look sends me straight on an imaginary trip to Paris. It may be because of the super classic jacket or just the overall chicness of this outfit, but the fact is that this look is made to be worn in a cozy street cafe. Preferably accompanied with a glass of red wine and the newest edition of Vogue Paris, of course.

This Fashionista embraced her inner Parisian with stone washed jeans and a pair of loafers. The heart of this is outfit is, however, the statement jacket with red, green and white detailing paired with perfectly matching red gloves. I obviously had to ask her where her jacket is from, and I was not a bit surprised of the answer I got. The coolest and boldest items always happen to be secondhand!

Besides the purely aesthetic reasons, this look is also super practical for this time of the year. Even though Uppsala may be the single cutest city in Northern Europe with all of its old buildings and a river flowing through the city, the one thing you can never trust in March is the weather. This is something this Fashionista obviously is familiar with. She embraced the challenging weather conditions with a turtleneck underneath a white, flowing cardigan that adds just the right amount of freshness to the outfit. And as the returning sun gets us all searching for a pair of perfect mom jeans (a trend for summer 2017 for sure), this girl is a step ahead and hit us with a major throwback to the ’80s: she kept her legs warm by pairing the short ankle length jeans with some black tights.

This look is casual and super easy to put together, but endlessly chic. Add a slightly rosy color to your lips to top it up. Oh, and don’t forget your favorite pair of sunglasses to cover your eyes, because let’s be real here. In this outfit you’ll be as bright as the sun, so you’re going to need the shades!