STYLE ADVICE: Boho Stories of Style

STYLE ADVICE: Boho Stories of Style

Bohemian style can flow through all seasons ebbing from high to low fashion. It is truly one of the most versatile styles, which makes it one of the most fun to wear. You can make it your own and add an edge using different techniques, like this Fashionista has, for your own take on boho.

You want the components of your outfit to tell as much of a story as the lifestyle of the bohemian inspiring the clothes. This Fashionista’s basic black bodysuit appears to be a wardrobe staple, which can be carried through other outfits. Her carefully cuffed, distressed denim she said she stole from her mom’s closet says those jeans have a history of being worn and being worn often. Wearing your favorite pieces can be the first step to a great outfit with a sentimental story behind it.

Neutral tones are good bases because they allow for accents of louder, brighter colors, like the purple-patterned, fringe-trimmed kimono she’s wearing. Draped off her shoulders, the kimono transposes carefree fun like those running through the fields of Woodstock remember on warm summer days. For your outfit to radiate good vibes, I suggest adding lots of vivid colors that bring you joy and will play well in the sun.

Typically, boho style welcomes different layers, colors, patterns, textures, and silhouettes. The well-worn leather of the combat boots and purse this Fashionista is wearing brings additional antiquity, which in this case adds an edgier, grungier theme to this particular outfit. Don’t be afraid to incorporate other motifs to your ensemble because it only adds to your look.

You can see that whether she’s running between classes or concert stages, her boots were made for more than walking because they’re still in one piece. Her purse not only looks like it holds her entire life, but has also been with her for a lifetime. We don’t know exactly what they’ve been through, but we know they’re metal as hell because they look like they’ve seen it all. It doesn’t matter if your accessories are brand new, all that matters is that you like them and they function. Kanye didn’t say no to holes and tatters and neither should you.

When people think of bohemian apparel they may think of ramshackle clothes thrown on by someone who doesn’t necessarily care about fashion or how he or she looks. While this still rings true for some, bohemian style has become vogue in mainstream fashion, and not just in a throwback manner. Now, people are wearing the trend in a composed demeanor and so can you.

You can wear boho like this Fashionista by blending the look with the lifestyle. She takes the more modern approach to boho and simultaneously keeps the free-spirited, original bohemian in tact with the details that tell the story behind her outfit. Remember: When dressing bohemian, ultimately there are no rules, less is not more and wear what makes you happy.