With the transition to spring and summer temperatures here in New Orleans, Fashionistas campus-wide are revamping their wardrobe and trying out some cooler vibes. I spotted a Fashionista sporting a classicly bohemian vibe and knew that she was trendy. The bohemian trend can be worn casually or chic, but either way, it gives off the message that the girl wearing it is chill and up-to-date when it comes to fashion. She’s also paying a little homage to Fashionistas of the past, who rocked this look in the ’60s and ’70s.

Warmer temperatures mean more flowy and light color fabrics, and this outfit definitely embraces that. This Fashionista paired her ripped, high-waisted denim shorts with a pastel bralette and a gorgeous and unique crochet poncho. This poncho is amazing because it can transition from the street to the beach while maintaining a really cool vibe and showing personal style. It also shows some skin without being too revealing and has beautiful details on the front and back to attract the eye to the focus of the outfit. The fringe and details of the poncho also go nicely with the fringe of her shorts.

Birkenstocks are a must for any college wardrobe, especially in a cool color, because they’re so easy to throw on and still look cute. She topped off her effortlessly boho chic look with simple jewelry and some on-trend colored polarized sunglasses. Her simple color palette and incorporation of soft, girly pieces created a cool, pretty, and classic look all in one.

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