Have a Stress-Free Semester With These Easy Dorm Hacks

Have a Stress-Free Semester With These Easy Dorm Hacks

“Stress-free” and “college” are not found in the same sentence very often. Chances are if you’re a college student, you’re just a little familiar with deadlines, overwhelming coursework, late nights (early mornings), and overindulging on your favorite comfort food (hello, chocolate). As a college student, you might try to develop ways to reduce said stress. Working out, taking a bath, and confiding in friends are all valid and recommended ways on the road to a stress-free semester. But, have you ever thought about the environment you’re living in?

Due to a heavy workload, cleaning my dorm room usually comes last on my to-do list. However, recently I’ve realized an untidy environment actually contributes to my stress. This was something I never recognized until after I tidied my dorm room during a procrastination rut. I was reminded that a dorm room is a sanctuary—your little corner of the universe. Own it and cherish it; it’s yours.

PHOTO: Ali Bell

Stay Organized

It might seem obvious, but a messy room is a messy mind. That’s what my mother always says and it’s true. My dorm room and I are often on the same page: an (almost) total disaster. This semester, try staying organized by using dishes, bowls, mason jars—anything really—to declutter items that easily get lost. Things such as makeup brushes, pens, hair elastics, and rings are good items to organize. Being organized makes a difference when you’re in a hurry and you know exactly where your necessities are. It also gives you one less thing to think about leaves you just that much more stress-free.

PHOTO: Anna Coke

Set the Atmosphere

Relaxed lighting and succulents make for the college minimalist’s dream room. String lights are easy to drape around the room and create an instant stress-free environment for your semester. Low maintenance plants like succulents give literal and metaphorical life to any space as they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Thus, succulents are a legitimate way to reduce stress while adding an element of dorm room décor to your bedside table, windowsill, or desk.

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

Manifest Your Reality, Physically

Vision boards are aesthetically pleasing and a way of keeping focused on goals and dreams, whether they are related to school or not. Create a vision board by cutting out images that represent your idea of success and paste them on a board. Place it somewhere visible in your room to have a constant reminder of where you want to be in school and beyond.

Whether you use these dorm hacks or not, chances are, if you’re in college you’re going to be stressed. So, why not create an environment that is actually enjoyable to get stressed out in? 

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Featured photo by Valerie Cammack.