How to Create the Perfect Monthly Inspiration Board

How to Create the Perfect Monthly Inspiration Board

Guys, I’m back in the Style Guru Gang! Finally! During my second semester junior year, I took a brief CollegeFashionista hiatus due to the amount of work accruing from my various leadership positions on campus. The point is that break was too long, and I am so excited to be back!

As many people do, I wrote out New Year’s resolutions at the end of December 2016. Though there are many things I wanted to improve upon, I decided to choose two to focus on for 2017. First, focus on budgeting my money (logging my purchases in my favorite notebook). Second, I wanted to find a clear and concise way to lay out my goals. We are now six months in. Still struggling to resist my impulsive purchases, I have figured out a way to keep my goals focused.

I have created inspiration boards since middle school, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized that these boards can be used for more than just fashion inspiration. I have started incorporating motivational quotes as well as images of my long-term and short-term goals into my boards. At the beginning of each month, I set my new board as my phone and desktop backgrounds. I love it because I can always keep my goals and inspirations at the forefront of my mind.

Here are four tips for creating your own personal monthly inspiration board:

1. Brainstorm things that are important to you right now and will be important to you in the next month. This is a great time to think about your current goals and how you will achieve them. It is great to have a constant reminder of what you are working so hard for, especially in college. Also, don’t forget trends and outfits you want to try out! This month, I will be adding an image of flare jeans and round sunnies to my board.

2. Start with inspiration from Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. It is super easy to find even more inspiration from your favorite social media platforms. These are great places to find images that might be a bit more difficult to obtain yourself. Keep a monthly folder on your computer to save images you might want to put on your board for the month.

3. Add some variety. To keep your board interesting and eye-catching, make sure you vary the subject’s type and sizes of your images. Be sure to incorporate foods, good quotes, clothes, random color swatches and other images that promote positive feelings.

4. Include things that are not-so-typical. For example, my dream is to go to New York University Stern Business School after I graduate from Ohio Wesleyan. Though it doesn’t necessarily go with the flow of my board, I like to include the Stern Business School logo as a constant motivator. Anything that keeps you inspired and happy is ideal.

Have you created your own personal inspiration board? Show us! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista

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