Purple is the Color to Wear This Summer

Hello spring, hello colors! Purple is the color favored by this Fashionisto. Walking around campus wearing a comfortable and lightweight African print shirt, the patterns and color brings out the happiness of the weather and environment. This Fashionisto pairs this multi-patterned shirt with a pair of light washed jeans, along with a pair of sunglasses and black booties. According to this Fashionisto, the reason behind this outfit is his love for his African culture and community.

“Fun prints brings out the fun in my style and personality,” said the Fashionisto.

The patterned shirt is made out of 100% cotton, which keeps the Fashionisto cool and comfortable in the harsh sun. The pair of denim jeans were made with a high percentage of spandex, this keeps things flexible for the Fashionisto as he makes his way around campus. The sunglasses, resembles the Snapchat filters, are worn to protect the Fashionisto’s eyes from the beaming rays of the sun.

The shirt was purchased at a local African boutique located in Richmond, Virginia. This shop offers many different types of African garments and accessories. The pair of jeans, cut by the Fashionisto on the right thigh, were purchased at H&M in Short Pump, Richmond, Virginia.

“H&M has to be one of my favorite stores because it gives me a variety of different products at the right prices,” said the Fashionisto.

H&M is the best fit for him, as he makes his way around campus in the H&M denim jeggings. A Fashionisto must complete and structure his outfit my adding a pair of shoes, in this case, booties to bring the outfit together. A simple black pair of leather booties to contrast with the multi-patterned shirt. Lastly, before going out, the Fashionisto completes his look by adding a pair of circular sunglasses, which brings out the Snapchat hipster side of himself.

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