How I Let Music Shape My Style

For those of us not going to any music festivals and are scrolling jealously through the feeds of those who are, we can still showcase our love for music. As for myself, I take a lot of my fashion inspiration from what I listen to. I might dress similarly to how my favorite singers dress or how their music makes me feel. If I’m in the mood to listen to Coldplay for instance, I’ll opt to wear something fun and colorful that day. As the genre of whatever I listen to always changes so does the style of clothing I wear.

First off, one of the easiest ways I express my love for both music and fashion is to wear a band T-shirt. I own several T-shirts adorned with my favorite bands and singers. I find them to be both stylish and comfortable. You can easily find them at the mall, thrift stores, or online. (I got this Florence + the Machine top from their official merchandise website).

The best part about T-shirts like these is that I can dress them up or down by how I style them. I opted for some blue high-waisted jeans. I also decided to wear some bright yellow platform sandals with the outfit to give the look some color. It turns my casual attire into something a little bit more dressed up. As for accessories, I am wearing a moon necklace and cat-eye sunglasses

Another way that I get inspired by music is to get outfit ideas from singers I like. Lately, it’s been Dua Lipa. She combines feminine pieces with sportswear. She keeps the hair simple and always wears a choker necklace. Whether I’m at a concert or just hanging out with friends, I still manage to weave music in my fashion choices.

Do you have anything that influences the way you dress? Let me know in the comments below!