The Chunky Necklaces You Need This Summer

June 23rd, 2022 at 1:00pm
The Chunky Necklaces You Need This Summer

All fashion enthusiasts know that trends eb and flow constantly through the waves of the industry. However, every so often, amongst the emergence of new trends comes the return of the old. In the same way low-rise jeans have seen a rebirth in the hands of Gen-Z, and within the collections of high-fashion labels (most notably Miu Miu), bold and chunky necklaces have also made their return to the necks of Instagram’s most fashionable.

Now one might immediately jump at the idea that statement necklaces are making their return – most of us are haunted by the thought of the bubble-like pieces that once graced the shelves of Charming Charlies in 2010. But no need to fear, the chunky necklaces of 2022 are the perfect combo of playful, professional, and timeless. At a time when fashion is in its most accessible era, its lovers are inclined to make it their own. While some prefer to purchase the elements that make-up their unique style, others indulge in the creative freedom that comes with making your own pieces.

Inspired? College Fashionista rounded up the best chunky and distinct statement necklaces that will help you embrace your personal style.

01. Colorful Beading

Sweet and youthful like pieces of 25 cent bubble gum, a chunky and colorful statement piece like the Marge Necklace from Eliou (the jewelry brand loved by Harry Styles himself) is the perfect way to spice up any summertime outfit.

Photo via Zara

Zara Pack of Maxi Jewel Necklaces

Available in Multicolored. $36.

Photo via Zara

Zara Multi-Colored Necklace

Available in Multicolored. $23.

Photo via Brite Things

Brite Things Gemma Necklace

Available in Multicolored. $75.

Photo via Eliou

Eliou Haven Necklace

Available in Multicolored. $200.

02. Going for Gold

We are all familiar with the debate between gold and silver that still resides in the jewelry conversation. While both sides of the dispute feel strongly about their preferred element, these gilded and gorgeous necklaces are sure to prove their prominence as an addition to any look.

Photo via Sequin

Sequin Olivia Chain Choker Necklace

Available in gold. $118.

Photo via Zara.

Zara Sparkly Flower Necklace

Available in gold. $36.

Photo via Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Recycled Chain Lock Detail Necklace

Available in gold. $18.

Photo via Mango.

Mango Tassel Bead Necklace

Available in Silver and Gold. $40.

03. Playful Pearls

While everyone loves a classic look, these jaw-dropping pieces bring Audrey Hepburn’s pearls to the next level. Whether you prefer a seaside inspired style, such as the Ocean Artifacts Statement Necklace from Sequin, or are inspired by a red carpet worthy piece, like the 18kt Yellow Gold Baroque Necklace from Prada, these pearls are guaranteed to be the perfect party companion.

Photo via Mango.

Mango Crystal Choker Necklace

Available in White. $40.

Photo via Zara.

Zara Pearl Mesh Necklace

Available in Multicolored. $23.

Photo via Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal Contrast Pearl and Diamante Necklace

Available in Gold. $18.

Photo via Zara.

Zara Pack of Beaded Pearl Necklaces

Available in Multicolored. $23.

04. The Classic Chain With a Twist

What’s better than a simple and classic chain? A chain with every color of the rainbow like the brilliantly revamped Signature Link Necklace from Coach. Now we all appreciate a minimal look, but sometimes it’s just better to go bold. Looking for a 2022 approved jewelry collection? Check out the absolute gems below.

Photo via Nordstrom Rack.

Olivia Welles Neon Link Necklace

Available in Multicolored. $105.

Photo via Zara.

Zara Tubular Chain Necklace

Available in Gold. $28.

Photo via Brinker and Eliza.

Brinker and Eliza Mermaid Necklace

Available in White. $108.

Image via Mango.

Featured Image via @jessivaquecano

Mango Mixed Link Collar

Available in Gold. $30.