If "Sex and the City" Starred College Fashionistas

We have all been asked the tough question. You know the one I am talking about—which Sex and the City character would you be? Impossible choice, right? For me, I am a Carrie-Charlotte hybrid. But then again, I do have my Samantha moments. And I do love a good sportswear look like Miranda… See what I mean—impossible choice!

Some of the challenge in answering that question is that the ladies of Sex and the City are living in the fictitious world of “HBO budgets and Patricia Field dreams.” However, just because your student budget doesn’t allow for french baguettes let alone ones made by Fendi, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little (or a lot) of Sex and the City in all of us.

Check out how some of our CollegeFashionista Style Gurus are harnessing their inner-Sex and the City spirit animals in their own personal style choices to help you determine where you fall on the spectrum of Carrie to Miranda.


Carrie Bradshaw


CollegeFashionista “Carries”

L to R: Tegan Davis, Melodi Erdogan, Rainy Paul


A true Carrie is all about the details. From mixing unexpected prints to an unique handbag, a Carrie has fun with fashion and is all about risks. And what would any Carrie be without a fabulous pair of shoes? If you don’t shy away from an over-the-top trend (hello overalls), consider swapping out your nameplate necklace for one that says, “Carrie.”


Charlotte York


CollegeFashionista “Charlottes”

L to R: Lauren Snyder, Michaela Barlett, Olivia Muenter


A Charlotte is all about feminine-inspired prep. Think separates, classic prints and a cinched waist. A Charlotte is modest without being boring. A true Charlotte creates looks that will stand the test of time. Don’t forget a perfectly executed heel and you, my friend, are a Charlotte.


Samantha Jones


CollegeFashionista Samanthas

L to R: Courtney Pelot, Ashley Styers, Masoma Imasogie


Samanthas are not afraid of a lot of things—including color and a lot of leg. “Flats” is not a four letter f-word a Samantha knows. A Samantha can be sassy without being crude. If you have a pencil skirt in your rotation and love a good thigh-high boot, you may just be a Samantha.


Miranda Hobbes


CollegeFashionista “Mirandas”

L to R: Reed Emerson, Kathryn Koyanagi, Sam Yohannes


While for some reason, being a “Miranda” has been stigmatized as something negative, we are here to tell you that is completely false. A Miranda understands and owns the whole smart, sleek look. Plus, she is the only one of the group that can successfully dress down while looking fashionable. With sportswear and neutrals being all the rage in fashion, a Miranda is actually the most on trend one of the group!