How To Style Up Your Denim

July 11th, 2017 at 2:00am
How To Style Up Your Denim

To denim or not to denim at all? Denim has been around for ages and the different styling trends that come with it never die. Seeing that denim trends never die, it’s important to play around with it and incorporate your personal touch to keep it fresh. Denim can come off as very masculine, but what happens when you want to give a ‘girly’ feel without losing the edge it brings? Let’s find out.

Everyone owns at least one piece of denim, and because it is such a common, classic piece it’s important to show your individual style through the way you put your clothing together. Now let’s admit that denim does tend to get a bit boring so it’s important to create something interesting through the way you style it. In this instance, this Fashionista has taken the classic double – denim trend (also known as the Canadian Tuxedo) and styled it up according to her personal style.

Often denim has connotations to masculinity because of its history, so for females, it is important to be mindful of different denim cuts and styles if ever you want to keep the look playful and feminine. This Fashionista was seen on campus rocking her take on double – denim. In this look, the ‘Canadian tuxedo’ has been given a feminine twist by adding a denim skirt which brings a sense of playfulness to the masculine ensemble. To complete the denim duo, a denim jacket is paired with the skirt. It’s not just an ordinary denim jacket but one with added texture and color to it, instantly adding a different feel to the look.

The addition of color and texture can instantly make a difference to an outfit and in this Fashionista’s outfit, the pairing of pinks and popping – blue denim play well together. The harsh blue of the denim is quickly contradicted by the playful pink that emphasizes the femininity. A pair of heels can instantly make a look appear more ‘girly’ and in this outfit, it did exactly that. Socks and a pair of mule shoes were added, and this tops off the look bringing a fresh take on the double – denim trend.

Remember to keep in mind the different ways to style your outfits when incorporating denim, because the way in which you choose to put your clothing pieces together effects the overall feel that you wish to portray. How would you style up a denim incorporated outfit? Show us how you would do it and make sure to tag @cfashionista!