Denim Doesn't Just Mean Jeans—Here's How to Expand Your Denim Wardrobe

Denim Doesn't Just Mean Jeans—Here's How to Expand Your Denim Wardrobe

A few years ago, if you heard the word “denim” your mind may have automatically created the mental image of a pair of long blue jeans. Recently, however, denim has taken on a whole new meaning. From purses to heels and even hats, it seems as though every article of clothing now comes in denim. With fall right around the corner, the denim options will only increase!

A denim skirt is the perfect transition piece for fall. When the weather is still warm, you can pair it with sandals or cute tennis shoes. As it cools off, you can swap in a pair of boots for a dressier look. The jean skirt that I have pictured is a fitted, high-waist black destroyed denim, but there are many options on the market. These include frayed, button-down, or two-tone skirts in a variety of colors. If you are trying to stick to a budget, check stores such as Hollister Co. or Forever 21 for similar options!

Although it is a strong statement, I love to wear denim-on-denim help an outfit stand out. To do so, a jean jacket or denim button-down top would do the trick perfectly. If you want to try out a new trend, look for anything with bell sleeves or ruffles! Stores such as Zara carry unique pieces that will help make any denim outfit more trendy. It is important to find pieces that are different shades of denim—doing so will be the most flattering on your body.

If wearing both a denim top and bottom is too much for you, try incorporating subtle accessories such a denim choker or clutch! This way you can play it safe while still being on trend.

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