Holy Hosiery! 6 Styles to Heighten Your Look

January 19th, 2017 at 2:00am

This year’s top hosiery trends are causing an adrenaline rush in fashion and igniting desires to try them over and over again.Think: What if hosiery was actually the focal point of your outfit rather than a complement? It’s time to give your classic opaque tights a break by adding a fun, fashion-forward twist to your go-to looks this winter.

From sultry thigh-highs to flashy fishnets, street style gurus have officially served legwear trends with potential to speak literal statements. With peek-a-boo mesh details, geometric cutouts, sparkles, and embellishments, each masterpiece drips distinctive confidence. And the fun doesn’t stop there; socks and heels have surprisingly developed normcore status this season. The once fashion faux-pas has been unanimously accepted by our favorite style influencers, and is totally having its moment right now.

The unthinkable has resurfaced, so drop the “I could never pull that off” verdict and take a leap. Here’s six daring trends to keep looking fresh.

1— Fishnet waistline: This accessory is no longer part of your last minute Halloween costume, ladies.  (Photo via @kimberlyttruong)

2— Ankle socks and heels: Embracing this granny-chic look is not only on trend, but a great way maximize your wardrobe. (Photo via @samanthaneira)

3— Patterned pantyhose: Sneak some eye-pleasing dimension into your outfit. (Photo via @marilang_)

4— Geometric net socks: Who needs warm feet anyway?  (Photo via @gabscherer)

5— Sparkly stockings: Don’t act like Kylie Jenner’s bedazzled fishnets didn’t inspire you. (Photo via @marybordelon)

6— Intricate lace tights and destroyed denim: Your favorite jeans are now winter-esque.  (Photo via @madisonbrunner)