Here's The Most Important Person You Need To Show Love To This Valentine's Day

During Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get lost in the expectations of the holiday. You could be planning a romantic date with your significant other, or you could be staying in with girlfriends to eat ice cream and watch romantic comedies. The options are endless, but there’s one person in our life we always seem to neglect: ourselves.

If you’re born with a heart that tends to care for others before yourself, then this is easier said than done. We often look to others for validation and affection that we crave. It’s important to practice self-love on a daily basis. How can we expect to have others love us if we can’t love ourselves?

Here are a few ways that you can do to help fall in love with yourself this holiday season!

Think of one thing you love about yourself every day! When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing that you think about? Make it a positive thought by thinking of one thing about yourself that makes you, you! Put a post-it note on your mirror so that you can remember to do this. Say this one thing to yourself in the mirror as if you’re giving yourself a compliment; it’s empowering and a great way to start your day! (Photo via @chllloooooe)

Learn to say no! It’s a struggle to say “no” to the people in our lives, but it’s one of the strongest words we know and helps us to manage ourselves. Say “no” to something that you’re not comfortable with doing, or to helping out a friend when you have stuff you need to do. It will make your “yes” more important and valued in the long run! (Photo via @catherineaebrackett)

Detox from social media! Social media makes it easy to see how “perfect” everyone else’s lives seem to be. There are accounts now dedicated to showing #goals for every aspect of life. It’s quick to start comparing you and your life with what you see online. Make sure you take a step back from the internet. Appreciate what you have going on without worrying about what others do! (Photo via @oteris)

Wear something nice just for you! We dawn the latest trends to feel cool around our friends. We dress up nicely when we go out in case we run into that cute someone we like. When was the last time you wore something just for you? Wear what you want without giving a second thought! Don’t worry about what others will think. Put on your favorite outfit and embrace your confidence! (Photo via @_hpete)

Treat yo’ self! We always get stingy with making plans for ourselves. We see it as a “splurge” and don’t allow us to do it often. Take time out of the day to do something for you! Schedule an appointment to get a manicure, or light candles and relax in a bubble bath. Your body and mind will thank you for the relaxation! (Photo via @alisacurmaci)

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Cover image via Ariel Engel