Here Are The Places to Study Abroad if You Prefer Food Over School

Does anyone else seem to notice food controls your life? I plan my day/classes around my meal schedule. My biggest worry during the day is “Will I have time to make pizza rolls in-between journalism and visual merchandising?”

If you think just like me, I might have something right up your alley: studying abroad.

Studying only makes up half of your experience. The other half is absorbing and appreciating someone else’s culture; this includes the fashion, the language, and the FOOD.

Another quality trait you should know about me is I love taking food Instagrams. (Yes, I’m the girl standing over her plate of food for a half an hour trying to get the best photo.) But after you see how pretty all these different dishes are, you’ll understand.

So here are five different places to study abroad if you prefer eating over studying.


Tea and crumpets, anyone? London is known for it’s tea. Most places serve tea all day long, however select restaurants will have a dedicated afternoon tea served with scones and jam. My recommendation is Sketch. (Photo by @myfairstyle)


Pasta and Pizza, a girl’s best friend. (Well, my best friend.) Italy is carb heaven. So if you find yourself craving pizza on the down low or want to literally live in a bowl of homepage spaghetti, Italy might be the place for you. (Photo by @thatchiclex)


Bread, cheese, wine, perfection. The clichés are true but also delicious. I still have dreams about this cheese toastie. If a glass of wine is in your future, France may be the way to go. (Photo by @thatchiclex)


Anyone say tapas? If you find yourself having a hard time picking one dish, tapas might be the right choice for you. Go with a group and pick all different dishes so your taste buds have something new to try every minute. If this sounds like your type of meal, grab a friend and go to Spain. (Photo by @thatchiclex)


Street food kingdom. If you like sandwiches because Copenhagen offers a smorgasbord of smørrebrød (a traditional Danish open face sandwich). For cheap fast delicious bites check out the food markets in Copenhagen. Food markets rule my life, and it makes me sad they aren’t more prevalent in the states. My recommendation is Paper Island. (Photo by @thatchiclex)

Which international city has the best study abroad bites? Let us know in comments below!