Here Are 4 Ways To Make Money While Spring Cleaning

Two dreaded words are upon us: spring cleaning. But this is a great time to refresh and declutter your wardrobe, and let go of pieces you won’t wear once the weather warms up (or, frankly, those that you never wear).

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We’re all guilty of keeping that one item (or five) in the back of our closet, because it might be trending in a few months and we’re attached to its sentimental value. Like that dusty denim jacket (totally keep it) or that dress with the tags still on, but it looked stellar on the rack. A college closet is small enough as it is—so it is important to get rid of those garments that are simply taking up prime real estate.

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What if I told you the emotion of parting with your clothes could be lessened by turning your unused clothes into cash? Instead of schlepping garbage bags to consignment shops, you can sell your unworn clothes without moving out of your beds. Selling clothes on apps and websites are on the rise and can become your side hustle. Ka-ching!

Here are four go-to platforms that make spring cleaning green on so many levels.

1. Poshmark

One of the easiest resell apps which is perfect for anyone who wants to just dive right in headfirst. You can list an item in less than a minute, and negotiate prices with potential buyers. Similar to social media, buyers can “follow” you and keep updated on your virtual store. Shipping can be a hassle but not with Poshmark, because your buyer pays for it.

2. Depop

Depop is a buzzworthy app that started in the United Kingdom has made its way across the pond to the U.S. and Canada. It has a more user-friendly design like Instagram and buyers can “follow” you. You can list as many items for however long. Payments can be taken via PayPal or debit and credit cards, which make it easier for sellers and buyers to use whichever method is most convenient.

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3. Instagram

If you love Instagram, then why not make another account to sell your closet. You get to control what you list, how long it stays active, and how you want to handle shipping and returns. There are no fees or third party. Most Fashionistas/os buying on Instagram like using PayPal, so make sure you have an account set up. Be prepared for buyers sliding into your DMs. The top hashtags to use are: #shopmycloset, #instashop, and #instasale.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Picture Craigslist or eBay but easier. Facebook Marketplace on the Facebook app targets people around you for an easy exchange. It’s a great start for your fast fashion items from Zara, H&M, and Forever 21, because consignment stores would only pay you for a few measly dollars. You take a quick pic and categorize it. Facebook organizes your messages by each item. Once you’ve met up with a buyer and exchanged clothes for cash, click to mark the item is sold and it will stop showing up in the feed.

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Before you set up your own online shop, remember to give accurate descriptions, price them fairly for the market, eye-catching photos are key, and be receptive in order to maintain on point customer service.

Which apps or websites do you use to resell clothes? Comment below!