Friday the 13th—13 Good Luck Charms (and Jewels)

Friday the 13th is often feared as a truly unlucky day. Give an important presentation with lipstick on your teeth? Spill your latte on your new white blouse? It couldn’t possibly be a sloppy make-up application or your own clumsy behavior at fault—it has to be the auro of the 13th!

So to combat the superstition and look super chic at the same time, we suggest rocking a lucky charm (or two or three). Need some good luck inspiration? Check out the lucky charms, baubles and more of our Style Gurus that prove 13 is just a number.

1. University of Florida


Photo by Gabrielle Piloto

2. University of Nebraska

lauren hauger

Photo by Lauren Hauger

3. Illinois State University


Photo by Audie Lauf

4. St. John’s University


Photo by Kara Ng

5. Temple University


Photo by Cara Vedral

6. Indiana University


Photo by Martha Eelman

7. Drake University

kirkland 2

Photo by Ashley Kirkland

8. Pace University


Photo by Megan Sharp

9. University of Maryland

chenmay 2

Photo by May Chen

10. College For Creative Studies


Photo by Natalie Miller

11. Mercyhurst University


Photo by Katy Huff

12. University of South Florida


Photo by Monique Ly

13. SUNY Oneonta


Photo by Ashley Freedman