Up Your Necklace Game With These Layering Techniques

April 23rd, 2018 at 12:00pm
Necklace Layering Tips for Spring

The changing of seasons brings so much excitement. Campus starts to warm up, you can finally forgo that clunky winter jacket, and you can experiment with different styles that have been on the backend due to winter’s harsh cold. There are some obvious changes in style as the weather gets warmer—shorts, tank tops, sandals and so on. But what about accessories? Do you have different bags you reserve for different seasons? Or jewelry? I find that these more subtle transitions can complete your look, so I’ve compiled six new ways to layer your necklaces now that you can finally wear tops that don’t hide them from the world.

Necklace Layering For Minimalists

PHOTO: @m.aiarose

Ease Into Layering With a Simple Chain and Choker

Layering necklaces can be daunting, so a good way to ease into experimenting is taking a minimalist approach. By layering two chains like this Orelia Gold Plated Crystal Bar ($32), and this Mejuri Zodiac Necklace ($79) you can add a new level to your jewels without diving in the deep end right away.

Necklace Layering With Just One Necklace

PHOTO: @xharpism

Make One Long Necklace Into Two for an Affordable Approach

If you’re hesitant to layer necklaces, a good way to make the process simpler is by using one to make it look like you’re wearing two different lengths. Choose a long statement piece like this Forever 21 Faux Suede Bolo Choker ($6).  You’ll be able to join in on the layering fun while keeping it simple and affordable.

Necklace Layering With Similar Styles

PHOTO: @iamthehag

Pair Two of the Same Pieces for Double the Impact

Pro tio: If you pair necklaces that are similar, it’ll allow you to play with layering while maintaining a consistent look. Try pairing this DesignB White Stone Pendant Necklace ($23) and this ASOS Locket ($9) to complete the layered combination that’s still super subtle.

Go Maximalist By Experimenting With Lengths

Want to go all out with your layering? Throw on as many lengths as you can. Grab this Topshop Coin and Horn Two-Row Necklace ($22) add this Madewell Layered Flower Bud Necklace ($38). If you love this look but want to keep it more simple, go for necklaces that are all the same or similar metals.

Add Dimension With a Mixture of Metals

You may think that you can’t mix metals, but you might be surprised by how chic gold and silver look when worn together. Try pairing this Wolf Circus Harris Disc Pendant Necklace ($65) and this Urban Outfitters Etched Babe Pendant Necklace ($10).  If you’re feeling adventurous, add a third Kate Spade One in a Million Initial Pendant Necklace ($58) to personalize your look.

Necklace Layering With a Mixture of Lengths

PHOTO: @daniella__o

Show Off Your Charms With a Variety of Sizes

If you want to put all of your charms on display rather than jumble them all together, choose three or four necklaces in lengths that are different enough that none will touch, like this Forever 21 Cutout Pendant Necklace ($5), Forever 21 Cube Rhinestone Necklace ($4), and Forever 21 Charm Zig-Zag Necklace ($5).

How do you layer your necklaces? Let us know in the comments or tag us in your pictures on Instagram @cfashionista!

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