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Find Out The Real Story Behind These 9 Fashionable OOTDs

Outfits always tell a story. Whether it was where you went or how you found that statement piece, getting dressed often means much more than what meets the eye. When it comes to getting that coveted OOTD photo, sometimes the way you style yourself means much more than just posting your look to Instagram. The way the fashion-forward crowd puts together outfits is all in the details: whether your jacket was thrifted or that necklace was given to you as a gift, there is a memory behind every photoshoot, item, or look.

It’s always good to remember that before you double tap someone’s look, that there’s definitely a reason for the ensemble. An outfit always has meaning and a photo is always a keepsake. A photoshoot for anyone contributing to CollegeFashionista is always full of memories. These Style Gurus have shared their stories and styling tips from ‘gram photos of the past.

Shelby Howell

“The Yankee bomber jacket in this photo has a really funny story. My mom had it in storage and I happened to find it. When I asked her who it belonged to and how long we had it, it turned out it was my brother’s from when he was 12-years old…he’s 25 now! It’s funny how things come in and out of style. I’m so glad I found a reason to wear it again—I also can’t believe it fit me!” (Photo via @shelbyshowell)

Lex Kelly

“I love dressing up everyday; I’m not the kinda girl you’ll see in leggings on campus. (Unless I’m trying to make it to my 8 a.m. class, that sometimes pushes my limits.) I like expressing myself through fashion and the latest trends, which is exactly what my OOTDs do. I love keeping up with trends so in my latest photos, I’m pictured wearing fishnets with jeans—one of my favorite trends this year. Plus, it helps me look a little less ridiculous in Michigan weather. In another look I’m featured wearing thigh-high boots. And yes, if I had an excuse to wear them everyday I would!” (Photo via @thatchiclex)

Brisa Gomez

“This dress was actually one of my first online purchases on ASOS back in 2012! I remember looking at it for a very long time and hoping one day it’ll go on sale—and then it finally did! I was so excited. My workplace was having a holiday meeting and they wanted us to dress our best, I thought this look would make a statement all together! That’s when I took this picture. I can’t seem to ever let go of this dress because it symbolizes the beginning of many fashion choices and my love for style.” (Photo via @brisamarr)

Valerie Cammack

“This is one of my favorite OOTDs! I love it because it’s a pretty good representation of my everyday style. I got this coat while thrifting with my mom. As for the photo, I was having an amazing day with my friends in TriBeCa when we took this.” (Photo via @valeriecammack)

Sarah Carrillo

“Usually when I choose an outfit for the day I work around my pants. I feel like pants can set the style of any outfit. With this outfit, the pants are the main focal point. Which is why I love them. Fun jeans are always a trend in my book. Right now, color-block and embroidered jeans are in right now and I’m living for it!” (Photo via @stylelinguistics)

Cherileigh Co

“This is one of my favorite OOTDs because I love the color scheme. I found the Topshop dress from an outlet for only $20. Personally, I had a lot of fun styling this look because I was able to incorporate those yellow-tinted glasses and a classic black beret.” (Photo via @cherileighco)

Amanda Skrabucha

“I love this OOTD picture because it was taken by my boyfriend during the summer we spent together in Greece on the island of Santorini. Whenever I look at it, it brings back happy memories of those blissful days when all we did was having fun, going on road trips, eating Greek food, and swimming in the ocean.” (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

Hazel Sands

“As a Canadian student, I used to struggle quite a bit with dressing to impress, as any outfit I would come up with often wasn’t suited for long days spent on a chilly campus. As I began to grow into my style as an adult, I realized that comfort and warmth have value in fashion. Striking a balance between the three has introduced me to some of my favourite outfits. Any Fashionista’s winter closet needs three staples: a warm turtleneck, a cozy wool jacket, and comfortable booties.” (Photo via @hazelsands)

Brittney Hughes

“I feel my best when I’m comfortable, but I enjoy destroying the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look that people often think of when they hear someone describe their style as ‘comfortable’! My favorite pieces to include in an outfit are denim jackets, lipstick, aviator sunglasses, and my personalized name jewelry. Looks like this make me feel free-flowing, but fierce, at the same time.” (Photo via @brittneyfhughes)