FASHION FROM ABROAD: Urban Girl, Small Town

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Urban Girl, Small Town

For my first article, I am actually not on my college campus, but “abroad” in a quaint Chicago suburb, about ten minutes from my hometown, called Long Grove. Long Grove is one of my favorite places to visit and photograph because it is the very picture of a charming small town with historic homes and buildings dating back to the 1800s. Its numerous restaurants, eclectic shops and boutiques, cobblestone walkways, and scenic views make it easy to forget that you’re in the 21st century. This town is especially magical this time of year with its festive Christmas lights and bows ornamenting the windows and doorframes and snow dusting everything in a glistening layer of white.

Despite the dropping temperatures, this small town still attracts numerous visitors who enjoy the peaceful and friendly ambiance in comparison to the bustling city of Chicago just an hour away. Every Chicagoan (whether a city-dweller or suburban resident) knows that winters here are long, cold, and unrelenting. Attempting to dress in anything other than a fuzzy blanket in the safety of your house can be a daunting task! This Fashionista shows that you can brave the winter chill by piling on cozy layers in shades of gray and black for a laid-back, urban look. She wears a dark gray oversized sweater and a heather gray chunky knitted scarf underneath her black puffer coat. Her gray leggings and fitted thigh-high black suede boots balance the heaviness of her oversize sweater, scarf, and coat. Her chambray cap, with her sorority’s name embroidered across the brim, and her burgundy crossbody bag add some pops of color without distracting from the simplicity of her otherwise monochromatic ensemble.

This Fashionista shows that a winter wardrobe of gray and black doesn’t have to be boring! By mixing different sweater weights and textures, complementing her oversize pieces with fitted pieces on the bottom, and adding fun details like her hat and bag, she will stand out as the cool but comfortable urban girl when she returns to her college campus for the spring semester.

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