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March 13th, 2017 at 2:05am

One of the most interesting things to me when exploring a new city is noticing the different ways people in that area dress in comparison to the styles I am used to back at home. While studying abroad in Copenhagen, I have picked up on the unique distinctions that can be identified as Danish style. From the country’s architecture to its interior design, and in this case, its fashion sense, it is clear that certain elements heavily influence the Denmark aesthetic. Neutral colors, versatility, and simple silhouettes are just a few of the components that define this marked look.

This Fashionista has taken it upon herself to embrace Danish style while she’s here for the semester. The first clear indicator of “Danishness” is the head to toe black outfit. This is a look that can be seen all throughout Denmark, as Danish style tends to shy away from brighter colors. Instead, the country can be well represented by black, gray, brown, and white. Outside of that, dark blues and greens are the only true colors that Danes seem to widely embrace.

Due to the cold Scandinavian weather, fur coats are also a huge staple, particularly for women. During her shopping adventure around Copenhagen, our Fashionista found this black faux fur coat at a European chain store. She also picked out another item that you will notice a lot of Danish women wearing, cigarette trousers. Unlike in the United States, where people are expected to change outfits throughout the day when going from a work situation to a more relaxed social one, Danes stay in the same outfit throughout the day. Therefore, a single uniform needs to be suitable for multiple occasions. A trouser pant allows a woman to be dressed up enough for the workplace, yet still be casual enough to get drinks with friends afterward.

While Danes are known for seamlessly incorporating sneakers into any outfit, I’ve noticed that they also wear a lot of booties. Our Fashionista is wearing a black pair with a gold buckle, which adds a little sparkle to an otherwise very dark outfit.

Although studying in Denmark for the semester, at the end of the day this Fashionista is still an American. This can be detected through her accessories. While Danes like to blend in, Americans are conditioned to set themselves apart from the crowd. Funky jewelry is one way we accomplish this through fashion. Her assortment of statement rings reveals a boldness that isn’t as common in Danish style. The Fjallraven Kanken backpack is also a clear indicator of her true nationality, considering it’s a trend that has taken over the United States in recent years. However, the Fashionista’s minimalist watch brings the outfit back to the Danish look.