Travelling to a new place is exciting; seeing all the sights and meeting new people is part of the adventure. I’ve had the opportunity to live in London this semester, and travel to a few other places. One of my favorite things to see when I travel is how the people dress in these different locations. Even though people do dress impeccably all around the world, my favorite street styles has got to be in London. Whether someone is very posh or punk, the people of London know who they are and what their style is.

This Fashionista is a perfect example of someone who knows their own style. She is wearing a simple cropped black sweatshirt over a black shirt. Paired with this are light wash jeans that have a gray tint to them and have a rip in the knee. So many people are now rocking these minimally distressed jeans all around the world. For shoes, she is wearing black combat boots that have pom poms at the end of the shoelaces.

Her style seems to be influenced by the Fenty x Puma by Rihanna autumn/winter 2016 ready-to-wear Collection. This collection features looks that are streetwear influenced and are very wearable for the everyday CollegeFashionista. There are many different looks that feature either oversized or cropped sweatshirts in either black or white which are very easy to incorporate into your own personal wardrobe. Athleisure has become a huge force in the fashion world and have impacted many people, especially this year.

As for accessories, this Fashionista is wearing a light gray baseball cap and a dusty pink purse. The hat gives a touch of a trendy tomboy look, that is especially great for those bad hair days! Meanwhile, her purse adds a girly touch while still being practical. The purse is the perfect size to store all of the essentials but also to bring a pop of color to the overall look. With the double straps, this purse will get you through all of your tasks throughout your day. This London Fashionista has shown us how practical and comfortable fashion can be!