FASHION FROM ABROAD: Pretty Lucky Overall

April 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

I stumbled upon this gem while on vacation in Florida. We went there for spring break and hit up all of the beaches along 30A. Every beach along this stretch of highway is super picturesque but my favorites were Seaside, Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach. These photos were taken in Seaside in front of their post office (can you believe it’s so cute?!). I highly recommend a trip their if you’re considering it! It’s perfect for young adults and families. It was definitely an ideal get away for our spring break!

This Fashionista is to die for in this super cute but totally wearable look! She actually told a crazy story about how she ended up snagging this overall mini dress. Apparently, It was sold out in January of this year, but she was completely in love with it so she checked everyday for the restock. We’ve all been there! But even with her determination she still didn’t see the precious restock that her heart desired. Then, on March 3, she was at a concert and the opener was wearing a dress by the same brand and it brought her back to her own object of affection. She checked right then and there and it was in stock! She ordered it immediately then refreshed the page right after her order was completed. Low and behold, the smalls were all sold out again so she must of got the very last one. It was just in time for spring break! Can you say destiny?

I love the way she styled this outfit! It happened to be pretty cold in Seaside this day, but she didn’t let that stop her from bringing her A-game. An off the shoulder sweater looks so sweet under overall straps and this cream one compliments the baby blue dress flawlessly. Espadrilles are without a doubt my favorite spring shoe look. I’ve already picked up two new pairs and the season just started! The strap detailing on hers add such interest to the look. Her dainty gold choker perfectly accentuates her exposed shoulders, adding just the right amount of pop and femininity. I would totally rock this look to a brunch or a shopping day with friends!