Hello there fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! So this Fall semester I studied aboard in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Holland is beautiful, I traveled a lot, and met amazing people along the way. But there was one thing I struggled with the most: the cold weather. I love Spring and Summer. I love strappy delicate tank tops, distressed jeans, and I would live in flip flops if I could. But before you say it’s because I’m from California, keep in mind that I am from Northern California. I’m from Northern California where yes, our weather is great but we do have wind, rain, and a real Winter (no offense SoCal) but I was not prepared for the European winter. I found that I got really lazy with my outfits. I was so cold that I ended up wearing the same black puffy jacket everywhere I went and didn’t really know how to look cute in the cold. But looking fashionable in the cold is definitely possible.

Dutch girls have a way of looking elegant and well-put together with their long coats of various colors. Although I admire their style, there was one person on campus who caught my eye. This Fashionista looked different from every other girl on campus while still looking warm. She is wearing a plain black cotton zip-up hoodie over a girly floral top that peaks out underneath. On top of that she is wearing a black rain jacket. Her outer and final layer is a boyfriend style dark-wash jean jacket. The cheetah print collar on the jacket gives it a cool and unique look. She is wearing black skinny jeans– perfect for any and every occasion. She tops it all off with black lace-up platform boots with a thick heel for comfort.

This Fashionista’s outfit is not your typical winter outfit but one that takes more creativity. The key here is layering. Instead of temporarily abandoning her jean jacket until the warmer season, she made it work by wearing multiple layers.