The Accessory Every Guy Should Own

May 6th, 2017 at 2:00am
The Accessory Every Guy Should Own

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is finally out. As the end of the school year approaches, there are tons of fun outdoor activities to participate in. Whether it’s a barbecue, passing around the football, or just chilling outside, you’re going to be in out and about and will want to show off your style.  What better way to do that than with an accessory that’s absolutely eye-catching and unique in the best ways possible? This Fashionisto shows us how to look cool, fresh, and nicely put-together. His accessory of choice: a belt. And the choice of belt couldn’t be better.

The ribbon belt, from a super trendy and up-and-coming store in New York called FH Wadsworth, is the perfect spring color. The bright white and green in the belt add an element of sophisticated fun to the classic polo and always-in-fashion navy pants. The bright belt also acts as a nice color transition that divides the darker top and bottoms. The buckle of the belt is nontraditional and super playful, and we couldn’t be more obsessed!

It’s obvious that his Fashionisto is super detail-oriented, matching the band of his watch to his Sperry’s, and making sure the color of his polo complemented his pants. His look is super versatile for anything activity that may come his way. You might even say it’s the perfect amount of preppy.

So as the school year comes to a close and more fun activities are headed your way, keep in mind this Fashionisto’s cool, preppy look! And keep an eye out for fun, colorful belts to add some pop and style to your summer outfits.

Would you wear this look? Why or why not?