The DIY Spring Break Wardrobe You Didn't Realize You Already Own

The tickets have been purchased; the itinerary set (which, let’s be honest, mostly just consists of laying at the beach, naps, and guacamole breaks). The most glorious—hopefully warm—time of the year is here: spring break.

The last thing to do before you head out is to plan your spring break wardrobe. The problem? You’ve already spent your savings on the trip itself and the little funds you have left is reserved for said guacamole consumption. And while, we love a chic tunic as much as the next girl, they can be surprisingly expensive. (Plus how often can you really wear a piece that’s sole purpose seems to be made for taking pictures next to a body of water?)

Instead of stressing and/or going into debt curating the perfect spring break wardrobe, take a second look at your own closet. You probably didn’t realize that you already own all the pieces you actually need to have a stylish spring break!

Here are four pieces that most Fashionistas already have in their closets, restyled for your warm weather fun and festivities. Bon voyage!

1—Button-down cover-up

You know that white oversized button-down you may or may not have stolen from your dad? Well he will be thrilled to know his closet staple is going to good use by keeping his little girl covered while heading to the beach. Let him think that you intend to wear it the entire time you’re sunbathing. Don’t worry—we won’t tell. 

2—Head scarf

Silk scarves and bandanas have been a favorite of Fashionistas for a few seasons now. Take this neck-cessory to new heights this spring break by tying it around your head instead of your neck. Not only will this keep away those pesky fly-aways, but you will totally standout amongst all those floppy hats and baseball caps.


All winter long you’ve been layering camisoles over T-shirts, turtlenecks, and sweaters like the ’90s babe you are. If you are lucky enough to be heading somewhere warm for spring break, leave your base layers and those sub-30-degree temps at home. Wearing a tank top like it is intended to be worn (ie by itself)? Groundbreaking.


If you are anything like us, sunglasses are not just reserved for the beach. We rock our favorite sunnies 365 days a year. So while packing this accessory may seem like a no-brainer, it is important not to overlook actually tossing them into your bag before you jet off on vaca to put the “sun” back in sunglasses.

What are some of your favorite repurposed pieces you are packing for spring break? Let us know your creative style solutions in the comments below!