I think it’s safe to say that being knit-picky lends itself to certain circumstances more than others. Well, my friends, fashion is definitely one of those areas where it helps to be a little particular (except when you can’t find a prom dress to save your life, and you end up spending hours and hours and hours in the stores until you want to explode). Nevertheless, the truth is that when it comes to good style, it’s all in the details!

The easiest way to add detail to any outfit, in my opinion, is to sprinkle a little (or a lot) of jewelry into your look. I’ve found it extremely interesting to watch jewelry trends over the years. What I’ve noticed is that what’s “in” usually goes from being over the top and in your face, to simple and more classic, and then back to outrageous again (fashion’s always a cycle, but you knew that). Right now, I’d say we’re in one of those simple and more classic phases. Statement necklaces and chunky rings are still cool, but I’m seeing people start to gravitate towards pieces like simple stacking rings and classic pendant necklaces more and more.

So what’s been one of my favorite simple jewelry trends this year, you ask? It’s gotta be the Y necklace. I admittedly wear my favorite silver Y necklace more than I probably should, but I can’t help myself! It adds just the right amount of pizzazz to almost any outfit!  Y necklaces are those long, dangly necklaces that basically look like Ys (brilliant description, I know, I know). Take a peek at the gold Y necklace that this Fashionista is sporting for a better idea of what I’m talking about. The Y necklace really spices up her outfit, which consists of a chunky olive colored cardigan, some distressed medium wash jeans, a black bralette, and a white ruffled tank top.

Now think about your own wardrobe. Do you have an outfit that could use a little extra detail? Yes, of course you do! So the next time you need to zest up your look, why not throw a little Y necklace on top?