ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweet Southern Style

May 19th, 2017 at 2:00am

I have lived in southern California my entire life, so the South seems like a whole other world to me. When it came time to choose colleges, two of my best friends decided to attend the University of Alabama. What I knew about southern fashion came from stereotypes I had seen in movies, making it seem like a standard southern wardrobe consisted of denim, plaid, and cowboy boots. Boy, was I wrong and very pleasantly surprised.

While the daytime looks in Tuscaloosa consist of Nike shorts and over-size T-shirts, I quickly learned that when it comes to nightlife, the people of Tuscaloosa dress to the nines. A typical outfit to wear out on the town consists of a nice top, jeans, or a fun skirt, as well as wedges or booties. Accessories are also a must! The feeling of the looks are very fashion forward, young, and fun. This Fashionista embodies this southern style which is a classy mix of bohemian and edginess.

This Fashionista is wearing an airy tunic top with embroidered flowers for a feminine touch. Tops like this are a fun statement, and this one brings a nice pop of color into the outfit. She paired this top with some black jeans in contrast, adding some edge. Instead of cowboy boots, she’s rocking some simple black booties. I am a strong believer that black jeans and black booties should be a staple in everyone’s closet; they are versatile in that they can go with any outfit for any occasion. Dainty jewelry is also very useful to have in your repertoire. This Fashionista finished off her outfit with a simple gold bar necklace and some dainty rings. Simple accessories like these can complete an outfit nicely without being overpowering. This outfit is simple enough for everyone to wear, but so fun!